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BeatleMania Now at the Carolina Opry

I had the pleasure of attending BeatleMania on Friday evening at the Carolina Opry.  From the moment you walk in you feel welcomed by their staff.  We entered the theatre and found 4 very talented performers.  It was almost like the original Beatles were right there on stage.  While they performed several of the songs that the Beatles were famous for, black and white clips played in the background showing scenes of Beatle fans "screaming" and "crying" over their chance to hear the Beatles perform in concert.  They also included clips of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy walking the streets and meeting people as they often did.  Then in between sets while they changed costumes, they showed black and white commercials which included G.I Joe, Barbie and Ken, and Rock'em Sock'em Robots!  I chuckled when the commercial offered Barbie and Ken outfits anywhere from 80 cents to $1.40.  (Boy, what a differece from the prices now!)  Then I laughed at my husband when he said Oh, I remember those robots, I used to play with them.  How many of you remember these toys - Be honest now... smile.

To finish off the show,  the performers asked everyone to stand and sing different parts of "Hey Jude".  All the guests happily participated.  I just stood there watching everyone in amazement to see how involved everyone was in this show.  Some couples stood there singing while others grabbed their partner, held them tight and danced.  At one point many just swayed back and forth to the music.  There were a few guests who held their lighters high up in the air with the flame glowing through the darkness.  It was a wonderful way to end this show.  You could definitely tell that this performance brought back many memories to some of those couples and created new memories for others.

This show was definetly one to be seen and  I am happy that I took the time to go see it.

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