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Wonderworks- An amuzement park for the mind!

By Sea Watch

I recently visited the Wonderworks museum.  First thing my wife and I noticed as we walked up to the peculiar looking building was the architeture.  The building looked though it was flipped over and placed back on its foundation up side down.  As we got our tickets in the booth it looked as though this room was upside down and we were walking on the ceiling.  It had an oscillating tunnel that you walked through to enter this big wide open room geared toward weather.  It had a hurricane simulator (to experience 78 mile an hour winds).  It had weather quizzes and three 46' TV's set up to see Google Earth.  The next room had a bicycle machine that was air activated and the more you pedaled the more you flipped upside down.  At the risk of giving away the secrets of Wonderworks, I just want to say it was fantastic adventure for my wife and I.  It was defintely worth experiencing.


Mason - Maintenance Department

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