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Why You Should Book Your Summer Vacation Today!

It’s February and after several months of cold temperatures and snow you’re probably ready to start dreaming of umbrella drinks and warm sand between your toes.  You say you should start looking into where you’re going to go this summer but you haven’t quite had the motivation to do so.  Honestly, you’re not alone. 

There are a lot of guests who travel to Myrtle Beach who wait until the last minute to book a summer vacation.  However, that’s not always the best route to go.  In fact, booking early could save you a lot of hassle.  Below are certain benefits you’ll receive from booking a vacation now instead of waiting until May or June and having to scramble to find a room.

Better Accommodations and Room Selections

Booking early gives you access to every room type we offer at Sea Watch.  Do you want an oceanfront 3-bedroom unit in the north tower?  Those units are still readily available today. Perhaps, you’re interested in staying in one of our Deluxe King Suites.  Booking now would secure a room for you when you arrive.  If you book later in the spring then some or all of those units might be booked for the week you’re looking to arrive. 

Better Rates

As the demand increases so do the rates.  Booking early allows you to find a tremendous rate or special and can save you hundreds of dollars than if you wait until May to decide on where you want to go.  For those interested in booking today, check out our “Summer Sunday Arrival” package where you can save up to 40% on your rate by booking before March 31st.  You can also view our “Free Nights” package where you’ll receive 2 free nights when you book a 7 day vacation during the summer.

Booking Earlier Helps With Room Requests

We always do our best to honor any request that one of our guests may have and if you book earlier, there’s a better chance we can honor your wishes.  If you have a certain room you enjoyed during your last stay, booking well in advance will help us accommodate you. 

Booking Early Means You’re Going on Vacation

How many times have you heard “I’m going to take a vacation this summer” only to have those dreams never come to fruition.  Booking early in the year locks you into having a fun summer vacation.  Plus, since only your first night’s total is required as a deposit, you’ll have plenty of time to save up for your trip to Myrtle Beach!

Ready to book your next Sea Watch vacation? Then click here to book today!

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