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Tourist Living in Myrtle Beach


Most people that live in Myrtle Beach are from some where else in the United States.   I am originally from North Carolina and moved here almost 11 years ago.  Like most, I moved here because I fell in love with the area from coming down for vacation with friends and family.  Unfortunately, once you move here, you find a job, start working everyday and forget why you moved here in the first place. Then many years later you realize you haven't been to the beach in years as I did. So I made a promise to myself that this year would be different. Every weekend during the summer I plan to do something different, so I became a tourist again on weekends. You may have already read some of my earlier blogs. I have been to Legends in Concert, Pirates Voyage, Myrtle Beach State Park, and on a Helicopter ride. Well this weekend I had the pleasure of going to see the Good Vibrations show and the Laser Light Show at the Carolina Opry. At the beginning of the Good Vibtrations show,  they pulled 3 members of the audience up to the stage and asked them some trivia questions.  A friend that was with me was one of the chosen people. Carolina Opry gave each person 2 free tickets. Maybe this will inspire him to become a weekend tourist also!!  The music was from the 60's, 70's, and 80's. There were great costumes, singers and very talented dancers.  My favorite was the 4 tap dancers. They were awesome!!  They even had the Village People singing YMCA, which everyone joined in. They had a few comedy acts mixed in, which was absolutely fabulous. After the Good Vibration show was over we stayed to watch the Laser show. I will tell you this is the show I have been waiting to see. The night I went they featured the music from U2. (They also have different music during the month.)  During the Good Vibration show they give you a small sample of what to expect. But trust me when I tell you it was just a sample!! It reminded me of watching fireworks with music instead of all the "bangs" and "pows" and you add all the oooohs and awwws!! It was almost like 3D as the lights moved!! I got lost in the moment watching the lights as they danced above my head.  It was like moving through time as the lights changed colors. I just laid my head back and went on a magical musical journey with the light show.  It was definitely worth the experience!


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