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Ode to Dixie Stampede

By Sea Watch

For the last 6 years my family and I have enjoyed the foot stomping, chicken eating, finger licking good times at Dixie Stampede. I got to watch my children grow through the Dixie themed family photos we had taken at their on-site photo shop.  I got to see my brother Al play horse shoes with toilet seats. I got to watch magic shows, horse shows and eat a fantastic meal, all in the same night. And, how could I forget the first time my family and I went to the show, there were no utensils. We ate with our hands and loved every minute of it. When you arrived at Dixie Stampede the building welcomed you with a down home country look to it and the gazebos and columns added to the architecture.  The staff dressed in elegant dresses.  The horse stables were around the side of the building so you could always go see if your favorite horse was out resting.  There was also a gift shop where you could purchase souvenirs or even a bag of the wonderful "creamy vegetable soup they servced as part of their meal!

But at last the building and atmosphere has changed. From cowboys and Indians to pirates and treasures. I couldn't help feel sad when I drove by and saw the work crews working to transform the building. Well, my feelings changed quickly as I visited the parking lot once more were the new pirate building has arrived.  Crossbones on the top  of the entrance, a ship themed walk way and a sinister paint theme has made me very curious to find out what lies waiting inside. The main sign at the entrance has wooden planks and ship cannons sticking out of the body of the sign. Maybe as a warning of eminent family pirate entertainment or maybe a great big hello to Pirate Voyage.  Could be both.  We will find out soon enough. Tickets are on sale(or should I say, SAIL) now. I will take the family back to the building that once housed our Dixie memories and have a Pirate, swashbucklers good time. Sure R excited to be going aboard this new adventure.

Bruce - Maintenance             

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