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My Birthday Helicopter Ride!!!

By Sea Watch

Out of all the fun and exciting things to do in Myrtle Beach for my Birthday I chose to do something out of the ordinary and completely out of my comfort zone. I made a trip to Huffman Helicopter Tours at the North Myrtle beach Air Port. It’s only a few miles away from Sea Watch Resort on 33rd Ave South.

I was greeted by Tylar Proveaux the Sales Manager at that location. He explained in detail all the tours and prices and even introduced me to the pilot Riley Troy.  Both guys were super nice and a lot of fun to talk to. After filling out the necessary paper work and going over the safety rules we jumped on the golf cart and rode out to the helicopter where pilot Riley was waiting, ready to fly us up into the sky at 1000 feet off the deck (that’s a flying term for how far off the ground as I would say)

 I am really scared of heights, so not only was I nervous and scared, I was also excited about trying something so new and different. Both Tylar and Riley assured me it would be fun and I would not even think about how high I was. They were absolutely right! We left the airport in a smooth, gentle lift and we were off, flying above the tree tops before I knew it. From the air I could see as far as the Cherry Grove pier and beyond. As we circled around going more toward the ocean all the people on the beach looked like little dots sprinkled on the shore. We flew over the ocean and Riley pointed out stingrays in the water as we got closer to Apache Pier and Sea Watch Resort. Then we circled around and flew over Barefoot Landing.

It was one of the most exciting adventures I have been on in Myrtle Beach!! As we landed back at the airport,  Riley sat the helicopter down so easy it was as if we landed on a feather down pillow. I fully intend on returning with friends and family to take another tour. The prices were great starting out at only $20.00 per person. The helicopter holds 3 passengers and the pilot. You can take longer tours which I highly recommend!! Don’t just settle for the short ride or you will find yourself wishing you would have taking the longest one possible as I did!! I send out my thanks to Tylar, Riley, and Huffman Helicopters for the best and most unforgettable Birthday EVER!

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