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Local’s Favorite

By Sea Watch

I have been living in Myrtle Beach for over 15 years and I have dined at many of the finest area establishments.  I have found that  "JimmyZ  Hibachi" is a local's favorite and well kept secret right here in plain sight.  It is located on King's Hwy. (business side) heading South around 61st Ave.  Locals consider this place a great place to "feed the masses", while college kids working on the beach for the summer find it a great value.  JimmyZ is defintely offers great food at great prices.  I Iike the shrimp "meal".  The shrimp bowl comes with fried rice and hibachi shrimp but no vegetables.  My suggestion is to order the meal for a few extra dollars, there is alot more.  I always make sure I order enough of the homemade "white sauce" which I use to slather on my shrimp.  It goes well with the rice too!   It's a great place to eat and I like the convenience of picking up my food from the drive-up window if I choose not to go inside.  Truly if a meal at the beach is going to taste genuine and you didn't make it yourself,   hibachi -cooked food is where it's at and JimmyZ has it covered.  Tell them Barbara sent you!

Barbara - Housekeeping Department

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