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Living in Myrtle Beach

By Sea Watch

I moved from up North to Myrtle Beach six years ago and I have been with Sea Watch for five years now.  Guest ask me if I am still happy with my decision to move here and my answer is always YES!  It seems no matter what time of the year it is, you can find something nice to say.  In the summer you have the warmth of the air and of the water.  I remember my first time stepping into the ocean here in North Myrtle Beach - the water was so warm I felt like I was taking a bath.  In winter, even when many say it is cold, I find it pleasurable, cool breezes, palm trees, nice people and still plenty to do.  If by chance they call for snow, you may see it fall lightly, yet not stay for very long.  Then in Spring on a day like today when the winds are blowing, the rain is falling, the trees look like they are waving, the ocean crashing against the sand, and the rain and wind making ripples in the pools - it is still a wonderful site.  My suggestion is if you are not able to live here, then definitely take the time to visit. 

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