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Hard Hat Tour at the New Pirate’s Voyage

By Sea Watch

   Last week I was delighted to take a hard hat tour of the new Pirate's Voyage.  It was a great experience for me to see how Dixie Stampede was transformed into the new Pirate's Voyage.  As I entered the building on the top level I could see all the constructions crews working very hard to get things completed.  The inside of the building has totally changed.  Some of the crews were working on the tables and chairs where all the guests will sit while others were working on the pirate's ship that will lay is the new lagoon.  The lagoon will be 15 ft deep and hold 750,000 gallons of water.  The new dinner show will still have horses in the acts, however now they have added in ducks and seals.  I am very excited to see the show when it opens this June.  If it is a show that you would like to see, you can call 1-800-433-4401 for tickets and information. 

Rolanda - Guest Services

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