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Celebration Music Theatre - Great Show!

By Sea Watch

On April 9th, 2011, I went to the Celebration Music Theatre in Surfside Beach to watch the Superstarz Live show.  It is a great line up of talented impersonators.  As we entered the theatre, we were greeted and entertained by Minnie Pearl before the show even started.  The first performer was Garth Brooks who put on a great show.  He got the audenice involved by inviting couples to get up and dance while he sang the song "The Dance".  Cher was the next performer and she was GREAT!  She not only looked and acted like Cher, she sounded just like her- She was amazing!  The other performers were Liza Minneli, The Bluegrass Brothers (very funny act), and the night would not be complete without Elvis.  During one of Elvis's last songs, he invited all the ladies to sit on the steps along the stage while he sang to them.  I went up and sat beside him while he sang " Are You Lonesome Tonight?' to me.  WOW, it was awsome!!  After the show, all the performers actually came out  and we were able to meet and talk with them.  To make the perfect ending to a great night, I received a hug and kiss from the KING - Elvis.  It could not have been a better night.  I will be going back again and invite everyone to experience this show for too.

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