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Another perspective of living at the beach

By Sea Watch

I found myself pondering about Myrtle Beach the other day.  I could not help but think of how much my family and I have excelled in this area.  We moved down here to Myrtle Beach about 7 years ago from Massachusetts.  From snow, ice, freezing rain and sub zero cold weather to FUN in the SUN!  The first  year we lived in Myrtle Beach, we celebrated Thanksgiving Day on the beach with 80 degree weather.  What a difference!  But honestly that wasn't the best thing about this area for me, it was the "Southern Hospitality"  that really stood out.  Up North, life moves at a much faster pace and you have to run to keep up. Don't get me wrong, some people enjoy that fast pace life.  In the South, life is more on cruise control set for "the right pace".  Living in this great area I just want to tell others how much they can enjoy it too.  It just made sense that I joined the hospitaliy industry and shared the dream.  When you're in  Myrtle Beach take the time to listen to the ocean waves, if only for a minute.  They will remind you why you have come to the beach and why you should come back again and again.


Bruce - Maintenance Department

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