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All in a Hard Days Work

By Sea Watch

I believe there is a saying that goes something like "life is what you make it". Well, here at Sea Watch we believe "work is what you make it" and that most days should be enjoyable with some feelings of accomplishment. No doubt about it, we do work hard! Last week all the department manager's were put to task to work hard and get their staff involved making an Easter bonnet. Now, some of you will know what an ol' fashion Easter bonnet is and some of you won't but it is a prissy, frilly hat that had to be very special and we shopped to find just the right one to wear to church on Easter Sunday with our brand new Easter dress. Anyway, I worked very hard shopping (Wal Mart) for just the right hat  so everyone started out with the same base for their bonnets. The employees worked very hard planning and scheming and building the perfect bonnet. They also worked very hard making sure mum was the word on what they were doing because the winning hat would get lunch for the department. As you can see by their creativity their hard work paid off. We decided to run a contest with the bonnets so we worked hard and put them on display in the lobby and then had to work hard getting people to vote of them. Today was the end of the contest. I will just let you be the judge on how hard we worked parading the bonnets during the pool party today and announcing the winning name for the complimentary two night stay at Sea Watch! And now it is time for me to get back to work Check out our facebook for more pictures of the event and who won Best Easter Bonnet and you will be able to keep up with all of our hard work! 

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